Monday 9 November 2015

RIVRS - Last Love

If you’re thinking ‘I’ve heard this one before,’ it’s probably because you have. Originally featured on a Kitsuné compilation earlier this year as well as in an introductory piece in March on Breaking More Waves, we’re welcoming back Last Love the ‘new’ song from RIVRS. Why are we featuring it again? Simple - 2 reasons.

1. Because Last Love is a piece of impeccable and thoroughly modern pop music dealing with the obsessive nature of love, in particular your very first love. As the song glides with an almost frictionless beauty through space lead singer Charlotte sings of how her last love is her only love, her last kiss her only kiss. But of course we all know that the journey of love is far more complicated than that and that given time that last love will be just a distant memory.

2. The band are putting the song out again and so it’s a good excuse to stream it once more, although this sounds as if it’s a re-recorded crisper version of the song (albeit very similar to the original).

RIVRS - Last Love

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