Thursday, 12 November 2015

Chløë Black - Novacane (Video)

It’s been relatively quiet on the blog this week, but we’ve created a tiny bit of space to post this. Following her outstanding cover of Kanye’s Runaway at the back end of last year, it’s time for another cover from the 100% marvellous Chløë Black. In fact you get more than your money’s worth (not that anyone seems to spend any money on music these days. Or do they? See the next paragraph) with a cover of Novacane by Frank Ocean with an added sprinkling of When Doves Cry by Prince. 

Let’s consider this video for a moment  more. A free video of Chløë at a keyboard doing a bit of Prince or an internet scrum down tomorrow for tickets for the man himself also at his keyboard, starting at around £55 and going up to £175 + booking fee in London. Oh and the Prince gigs will be filmed for future release as well. It’s up to you pop fans, but think about it. We once paid £5 to see Adele in front of 90 people. £3 to see The Stone Roses in front of about 150. You could spend £180 on about 20 small gigs and maybe, just maybe get see someone who goes on to be the next Prince.

Chløë Black - Novacane

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