Thursday 5 November 2015

Ary - New Waves

It’s been an all time (s)low on Breaking More Waves this week. Somehow the new music that has passed our ears just hasn’t connected. There’s been lots of reasonably good stuff, but for some reason nothing has 100% captured our imagination. So we've taken a step back and at that point we remembered Ary, one of those artists that we had fully intended to write about some time ago and somehow just never put whatever the internet’s version of pen to paper is. So in this drought let’s fill up the musical reservoirs. 

Ary is a Norweigian singer with roots in Trinidad who has a sound that sits very comfortably alongside the likes of two other scandipop singers from the same country, namely Emilie Nicolas and Aurora. She  has just two tracks on line, the first being Higher, which manages to capture some of the spirit and dance floor sensibilities of yet another Norwegian (Todd Terje) in its pulsing electro bass lines. The other, which we’re streaming below is the beautiful Telescope, a track Ary worked on with electronic artist Carl Louis. With its expansive spacey sound it manages to perfectly capture the scale and wonder of the night sky and the universe, developing from a glacial ambient soundscape to a pulsing piece of electropop that aims for and achieves the heavens. 

Ary plays Eurosonic Festival in Holland next January and by:Larm festival in Oslo in March. We can only hope and pray that someone in the UK is working to bring her over to our music loving shores as well (Great Escape organisers take note!).

Carl Lewis - Telescope (featuring Ary)

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