Tuesday 10 November 2015

Hugh - Almost Done, Almost There

One look at Hugh’s latest posts on Facebook suggests that we’re going to like these dudes. 

They’ve recently played with blog favourites RIVRS (who we featured yesterday) and they’re currently listening to the Mura Masa / Shura tune Love For That

Sure enough new song Almost Done, Almost There is truly wonderful. Taking a languid spoken word delivery reminiscent of Ghost Poet, an undercoating of some chiming guitars, some slightly darker electronic sounds that wouldn’t be out of place on a Massive Attack record and some cooing pop female vocals from one Izzy Brooks (Is Izzy about to be the coolest name in pop in 2016? With the likes of Izzy Bizu and Izzy from Black Honey also delivering the goods right now it could be) Hugh don’t so much grab you, but gently coax you into their hazy womb. 

It’s not all gently does it though, as lyrics like “we go out, we get mashed up, we go loud and the place gets smashed,” will testify, but this one has something very cool about it. The word effortless often gets used to describe music, which we always think is a shame when clearly the band has put a lot of effort into their work, but this genuinely does sound so. 

Hugh - Almost Done, Almost There

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