Friday 23 October 2015

Tempesst - New Waves

Today is the last post on Breaking More Waves. Not forever (of course), just for a few days whilst we have a bit of a holiday. 

Whilst we’re away we’d like to introduce you to another new act, and they’re called Tempesst. They’re one of those bad spelling but Google searchable bands that you are all by now very familiar with (if you're not, where the f*ck have you been?) and are formed around a nucleus of  Aussie born but UK based twins Toma and Andy Banjanin with Eric Weber and Jesse Hutchence completing the line-up. Their debut single, Tidal Wave, is a glorious good to be alive piece of guitar driven pop that swirls with colour and a hint of psychedelia. It rather oddly reminds us of Roddy Frame / Aztec Camera vocally; listen to the bit where “someone take me back to her” is sung and see if you agree. 

And if you have no idea who Roddy Frame or Aztec Camera are, give yourself a musical education – start with High Land Hard Rain but also try Love and Stray, three wonderful records that should be in every collection. They’re on tour in November (that’s Tempesst not Aztec Camera) with Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes and we think that this song is rather excellent, which frankly is the key of this blog. Isn’t it? See you in a few days time.

Tempesst - Tidal Wave

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