Thursday 8 October 2015

Petite Meller - Barbaric (Video)

Back in January we (quite rightly) suggested that the video to Baby Love by Petite Meller was the best video of the month. 6 million views and a lot of inanely grinning faces later we’re pretty sure at least a few other members of the human race agree with us. In fact Baby Love is currently in the running for being our favourite video of the year.

Now finally we have the follow up. You’ve probably already heard the song Barbaric (it is after all already on the streaming services and radio) which fundamentally is Baby Love Part 2 with a different lyrical concept; something about repression, particularly of the sexual nature and letting go of your animal instincts, basically just going for it. It's also as insanely catchy as Baby Love. This is your hum on the way to school / college / work song of the day.

But what we’ve really been waiting for is this video. And here it is. These are the basics:

1. This one was filmed in Miami rather than Kenya, so any of the negativity that cropped up here and there about the fetishization of African children won’t be an issue this time.

2. Unlike Baby Love it doesn’t features giraffes. Which is a shame, but it does feature lots of larking around in golf buggies and Petite Meller balancing books on her head, which is very good.

3. It does feature old people and some of them attempt some dancing.

4. It's as colourful as you'd hope.

5. Petite Meller has some amazing hats.

6. At the time of writing it's had less than 300 views. This needs to be rectified, so please watch it at least twice.

Petite Meller plays London’s Heaven later this month (15th Oct). Come and throw off your inhibitions, get barbaric and come dance with her. We will be. No holding back.

Petite Meller - Barbaric (Video)

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