Monday 12 October 2015

Golden Fable - The Crossing

Buffalo aren’t the sort of creatures that you’ll find cropping up in the modern world of pop culture that often, but this new song from Golden Fable brings the hairy beasts back into focus, possibly the first time since U2 used footage of them in one of the three videos they shot for their song One.

This new song, The Crossing, was inspired by a 1960’s novel Butcher's Crossing by John Williams, a tale which focuses on the expedition of four men on the trail of buffalo in the early 1870s in Kansas and Colorado. Starting with a solitary keyboard refrain the song slowly builds, with Rebecca’s beguiling otherworldly voice singing of the wilderness and extreme situation the men find themselves in; bodies in disarray, the beating heat and ‘this poisoning that we’re breathing in.’ It’s beautifully composed, initially mellow and temperate before there’s an aggressive injection of soaring post-rock guitar as the song builds to its heady climax. We’re not quite sure if there’s anyone sounding quite like this right now, which makes the song all the more special.

The Crossing is the first release from Golden Fable that follows Oh Wonder’s recent successful method of online distribution, namely writing, recording and then releasing a song each month (in this case on the first Monday), allowing the band to increase the spontaneity and excitement about what they do rather than wait months before releasing an album. The Crossing is out there now, together with a cover of The Lemonheads It’s A Shame About Ray. Go and get it from their Bandcamp (here).

Golden Fable - The Crossing

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Unknown said...

Wow, Rebeccas vocals have done something to my innards. Just need to sit down for a moment. That's better. My god, that was powerful. Can I have another one, please?
Stephen Bodger