Thursday 22 October 2015

Laura Welsh - Sex & Violence

Here we go again. 

Time to add another musician to the ever growing list of pop stars in the bath. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, it started on this post (click here) and since then has become a bit of a ‘thing’ on Breaking More Waves. It’s almost as if musicians are reading our crappy little blog and thinking “f*ck me, I’m not a proper musician yet, I haven’t done the ‘classic’ bath promo shot.”

So well done Laura Welsh, you’re in the club now. It’s taken you a bloody long time mind you. But better late than never. 

Laura chose the safe clothes no water option, which we consider to be the pointless option (the other options are the sensible / practical no clothes with water option, the bonkers clothes with water option and the total exhibitionist naked no water option). There are of course a few other options on these options such as filling the bath with something else (balloons, bubble bath, mud) but for the purposes of this post, let's keep things simple.

Now we’re wondering which Breaking More Waves approved artist will be next to jump in the tub?

We’d quite like to see Hurts have a go, with deadly serious faces, maybe naked, except for ties, holding glasses of champagne. Or maybe Adele could return with her new album, sitting in the biggest, most massive f*ck off bath you’ve ever seen in your life, so big that in the centre of it there’s a plush throne on which Adele occasionally sits, with a crown atop her head, the new queen of the world. 

For now however Laura Welsh will do nicely thank you. It's a very small bath. Just as well she's a solo act, otherwise it would be a right old squeeze.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention in all the bath excitement, Laura’s not just sitting in the bath for no reason. She’s got a new song out you see. It’s called Sex & Violence. Now of course, we could be all wordy and eloquent and express our deep feelings for the song like a ‘serious’ music blog / fan. But frankly we’d rather talk about baths. Every blog has to have a unique selling point doesn't it? Maybe we've discovered ours. 

If you come across any other musicians peddling new songs by way of jumping in the bath, let us know on Twitter. (@BMWavesBlog)

Hear the tune below and go and find a 'serious' music blog if you want to read emotive words to go with it.

Laura Welsh - Sex & Violence

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