Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Prep - New Waves

Hailing from Brazil, France, Wales and Somerset respectively but now living in London, newcomers Prep have already gained the admiration of Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud (or N-Robz as we like to call her) and AlunaGeorge with their super smooth, super chilled sound on their debut track Cheapest Flight. It’s one that references Donald Fagen and Steely Dan but with a more modern electronic flourish. It’s the sound of the sun sinking over the city, white leather sofas and creamy cocktails. It's one that will suck you in with a charm that’s utterly irresistible. There's horns and late night jazz-funk bass grooves; we're talking slinky, we're talking seductive, we're talking 70's. Oh yes!

A really interesting start, if only because here’s a band taking a sound that could easily be considered somewhat dated and making it feel fresh, new and exciting again. It will be interesting to see what they do next. Nice graphic as well huh?

Prep - Cheapest Flight

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