Sunday 16 August 2015

Elderbrook - Good Enough

You know those soft white towel dressing gowns you’ll find waiting for you in hotels that are few steps above your typical Travelodge or Premier Inn? Good Enough by Elderbrook is a little bit like that. It sounds all warm and welcoming and late night cosy, as if you’ve sauntered up from the cocktail bar, bleary eyed, ready for sleep with Elderbrook in your room ready to serve up the best honest-to-god silky and creamy hot chocolate you’ve ever had.

Of course Alex Kotz, the man who is Elderbrook, isn’t singing about comforting drinks, instead he’s crooning about a relationship, the staple diet of pop music. But what sets Elderbrook apart is the attention to detail in Good Enough. There’s lots going on here, but it’s all so subtle and gently poised you'll need a few listens to really soak it up. 

Good Enough is taken from Elderbrook's forthcoming Travel Slow EP out through Black Butter on the 21st August.

Good Enough - Elderbrook

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