Friday, 21 August 2015

Grace Mitchell - Jitter

This is Jitter by Grace Mitchell.

It is one of those rare pop songs - one that doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be a hit by sounding like everything else. It’s a bit edgy, a bit 'need to hear it a couple of times to get it' (but once you get it you will really get it), a bit more than good. There’s even a part where she talks in French, which is always a brilliant thing.

Zane Lowe, ex Radio 1, now Beats 1 host, has already said of the song “This might be the song of the year so far. Honestly. Absolutely a new contender in the pop world make no mistake – Grace Mitchell just took a seat at the table and looked at everyone else and said ‘What?!’

Actually, we don’t think Zane has got this right. Jitter doesn’t sound like a song taking a seat. It sounds like a song throwing its shoes off, and possibly quite a few other clothes as well, and dancing in a deep, dark, sweaty club whilst outside the world ends. In fact, this pop song is so sharp and dangerous that it doesn’t even bother about apostrophe’s in the lyric video at 2.47 and 3.39.  

But Zane's right about being one of the songs of the year. Certainly one of the pop songs of the year. 

No s-l-o-w burn build up with this one either, it’s already out to buy on Grace’s Race Day EP. 

Grace Mitchell - Jitter

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