Thursday 12 March 2015

The Night VI - Turn Your Light On Me

A few words about some of the philosophy and idea behind the blog and why we do it. If this navel gazing type of post bores the pants of you, then just skip to the bottom and press play.

Two of the things we’ve always prided ourselves on at Breaking More Waves are being fully independent from both the music industry (yes, there are blogs out there who are written by people who work in the industry, writing about acts that they have a financial interest in, who don’t give full disclosure of the fact) and the critics. In the early days of the blog we carried reviews of albums and attempted to deliver critical analysis of music, but eventually came to the conclusion that we didn’t see the point of spending hours critiquing something and giving it a panning when we weren’t being paid for it – we’d rather spend our spare time being positive about music we like and acting as a ‘fan blog’. 

And as a non-industry fan blog this means that we’ll often feature artists that we’re fans of multiple times, irrespective of if they’re signed or unsigned, popular or not. It's a fact that there are certain blogs that won't cover an artist beyond the initial tentative first footsteps of their career. We're not suggesting that this is right or wrong to do so, each blog is the product of its author's mind and should be allowed the freedom to cover what it wants, but it's not our approach to hump and dump every artist we cover. Sometimes we like to be in it for the long haul. True love rather than quickie romance if you will.

Can you guess who the most featured artist is on Breaking More Waves over the years? It’s this lass (click here). We couldn't think of a better act to demonstrate our approach than her - from blog buzz / Sound of predictions through to major label and then going her own independent way - we've written about her all the way. 

One other band that has become a blog regular through our fan based approach is The Night VI. That coverage has extended from lead singer Sophie-Rose Harper’s early solo days, through to when we featured them as just The Night through to the addition of the roman numerals to their name. Over that journey we’ve noticed a swell in coverage from other music blogs (hurrah) and whilst popularity on the internet doesn’t always translate into real tangible substance such as music or ticket sales, certainly the couple of times we’ve seen The Night VI they seem to be pulling half decent audiences in. 

Today The Night VI release their latest tune to woo a few more lovers into their musical clutches. It’s a song about a love triangle, sung as a duet between lead vocalist Sophie-Rose and vocalist/keys player Kristy – Abba are a point of reference for what the band were going for here in terms of that vocal delivery. Once again the song features all those things that made us fall in love with The Night VI in the first place; smooth harmonies, well-structured songs and musicianship that when you close your eyes takes you somewhere else. It will be interesting to see with this one if The Night VI remain a favourite in the blogosphere or if the fickle bloggers will be off to pastures new, considering the band a bit 'old hat' by now. There's no chance of that with us though. This is delightful. We’re still in the fan club.

Turn Your Light On Me will feature on an EP the band plan to release in September. You can pre-order from this link.

The Night VI - Turn Your Light On Me

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