Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Chløë Black - Cruel Intentions

Regular readers of Breaking More Waves will have probably realised by now that there’s nothing we like more than turning pop music into a league table. “But music is art, not sport,” shout the naysayers. Yes, we hear you and understand you, but we’re sorry, it’s built into our very core and no amount of laying back on the shrink’s couch pouring out our innermost fears, or long intellectual argument and reasoning is going to change us. 

What has all of this got to do with Chløë Black you may be asking? Well cast your mind back to late last year and you might remember that Chløë’s name appeared on the UK blogger’s version of a new music league table – the Blog Sound of 2015 poll, alongside the likes of eventual winner Låpsley, runners up Fickle Friends and the likes of Deers (now Hinds), Soak and Black Honey. She also appeared on our own 10 Ones to Watch list. Of all the names on the Blog Sound list Chløë's was probably one of the more surprising, having released very little material at that stage. Yet certain blogs (we’ll put our hands up and admit that Breaking More Waves was one of them) had seen / heard enough to think ‘big potential’ and voted for her.

Today Chløë releases a new tune. It’s called Cruel Intentions and to use a sporting analogy it finds her climbing from non-league status to challenging for promotion from Division 2. “All good things come to an end, there’s nothing good about me,” she sings. We’d disagree on the second part of that lyric, for if nothing else Chløë knows how to make an epic valley straddling pop song. We also have it on good authority from somebody that met Chløë recently at a gig that she was 'very nice indeed.' And let’s remember, that whilst any talented sod can rise up to the premiere league of pop, when relegation occurs it’s the nice ones that people keep supporting. Nobody likes a dick.

Take a listen to Cruel Intentions from Chløë’s forthcoming EP and feel her power. Warning - keep a wide berth around you, you might want to punch the air when the big drums kick in. This one hits the back of the net.

Chløë Black - Cruel Intentions

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