Monday 2 March 2015

Grasscut - September's Night Sky

If you’re fans of music accompanied by archive spoken word samples (yes Public Service Broadcasting fans, we’re looking at you, and for those with a slightly longer sense of music history, those who liked The Orb as well) we’d like to introduce to this gorgeous piece of music by Andrew Phillips and Marcus O'Dair, better known as Brighton's Grasscut

September’s Night Sky (which is accompanied by the equally stunning Curlews on whatever the internet version of the flipside is) narrates the spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. With delicate arrangements of bite-sized pieces of electronica and beautifully magnificent strings it will make you want to stare up at the sky and just wonder about the glorious expanse of it all – maybe those funny little mouse like creatures who speak in whistles and eat green soup from the Soup Dragon (here) really do exist after all? For a moment we thought we heard some Clangers like noises towards the end of this loveliness. 

Grasscut have a new album call Everyone Was A Bird which will be released on May 18th. The Curlews / September’s Night Sky single is out now.

Grasscut - September's Night Sky

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