Friday, 13 March 2015

Huntar - Love I Know

Is Huntar still a mystery artist? We only ask because now there’s a new picture of him (above), which if we’re not mistaken looks a bit like this lad (see here). If that’s correct then Wikipedia is also right. And if they’re all correct then our suggestion in a previous blog post from last September that he may have already had some sort of fledgling musical career as an Ed Sheeran / Lewis Watson styled troubadour but decided to try something different and felt it should go under a different name seems to have been pretty bang on. 

So with that out of the way let’s get to the music, because this is a music blog not a detective agency.

Love I Know is the first track from Huntar’s next EP which arrives on the 4th May and is distinctly in the camp of the r ‘n’ b key pushers and knob twiddlers that have become common place since the arrival of the likes of James Blake / The Weeknd etc. This one’s no sex sizzler like The Weeknd though. No, this is more relationship gone tits up than anything else. “We’ve been fighting way too long, don’t walk away from me, stepping backwards seems so wrong,” he sings against oppressively tasteful electronic atmospherics before he pleads that he can give all the love he knows in the chorus. But maybe it’s all too late? 

Huntar - Love I Know

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