Sunday, 17 February 2013

IYES - Glow

Brighton based duo IYES impressed us last November with their debut track Lighthouse and it seems that we aren’t the only ones nodding our heads in approval, as the song slowly developed a wave of appreciation on blogs throughout the winter and into January.

Now Josh and Melis have revealed a second song and it very much demonstrates that they’re not just a one trick pony, hushing any critics who may have been suggesting that Lighthouse was too derivative of The XX. Glow mixes xylophone, big swathes of glorious electronic  pizzazz and male and female vocals to create something that sounds both intimate and crowd pleasingly euphoric at the same time. Consider our socks well and truly knocked off.

Furthermore, before the band begin to get a backlash for being ‘another one of those bloody mystery bands’ IYES have been getting out there, showing people who they are and playing some gigs in their hometown which our sources tell us have been very well received. For those of us who haven’t been in attendance they have also revealed what they look like on line as well. They don’t look so bad do they? We’re particularly liking the fact that Josh is giving a clue to his sex by his hat.

Next up for IYES are those supposedly all important London shows, which in reality are often grim and disappointing things playing to a half-arsed-staring-into-their-mobile-phones-too-cool-for-school-crowd, with overpriced drinks, a crap stage and poor quality sound. Hopefully if that is the case at least with IYES they’ll have some glorious music to thrill with. Catch them at The Shacklewell Arms on March 2nd and Village Underground with the Wave Pictures on March 26th.

IYES - Glow

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