Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Letter Of Apology To Caitlin Rose

Dear Miss Rose, (Can we call you Caitlin? Hope that’s OK?)

Breaking More Waves would like to offer its most humble apologies to you. As a non-funded free thinking and fully independent music blog with no aspirations to become a record label / journalist / gig promoter / music industry hot shot we firmly believe that we might as well spend our time writing about new music that we love than anything else.

And we do love you Caitlin. Not in a creepy we’d-like-to-see-you-naked-obsessive-fan-boy way, but as a lover of your effortlessly pure and beautiful voice that makes us melt a little every time we hear it.

Yet despite this, we have a sad confession. We haven’t featured any of the songs from your new LP The Stand-In on this blog. This is a terrible crime.

Thankfully, other bloggers have not been so fair weather. Take Just Music That I Like, a blog that has been relentless in its adoration and has said pretty much everything we wanted to say. So in act of the ultimate in lazy blogging we’d like to refer you over there (by clicking this link) and reading the thoughts of someone who has remained loyal. Unlike us Just Music That I Like hasn’t let their ears wander too far astray.

We apologise for our other musical affairs, but hope that you’ll welcome us back with open arms. How we could have strayed when you’ve been offering such  temptations like those below we’ll never know. We’re sorry for being such a musical slut. 

Love Breaking More Waves xx

PS: If you hear of us writing similar letters to other artists we also apologise. Maybe musical monogamy isn't our strong point? Sorry.

Caitlin Rose - No One To Call

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