Monday, 24 September 2012

Laura Welsh - Hollow Drum

In Spring 2012 a handful of UK music blogs, including our own, jumped on board with Laura Welsh (formerly of Laura and the Tears) and a small number of songs that she had uploaded to the internet. We suggested that Laura was one to keep an ear out for and have been extending our lobes ever since, but with nothing new to tantalise them. In fact the original versions of the songs we posted, some of which were available for free download, have all now been mysteriously removed. So it was a sigh of relief when late last week, new material appeared; and what material it is.

Hollow Drum is all about the emptiness of a relationship gone wrong. With a soulful and vulnerable voice we hear Laura lamenting that “all I know there was fire in the room but it got too cold too soon.” We suspect that she’s not singing from the perspective of a tribute to fire extinguisher manufacturers, although secretly we wish she was. Rather like songs on Delilah’s recent album From The Roots Up the music on Hollow Drum is never overstated, the voice carrying the weight. Once again we’ll repeat ourselves; Laura Welsh is one to keep an ear out for.

Hollow Drum can currently be obtained for free in exchange for your email address from here.

Laura Welsh - Hollow Drum

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