Wednesday 5 September 2012

Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen (Video)

Here are 10 thoughts on the new Ellie Goulding video (below).

1. Triangles: They’ve become mainstream now haven’t they? We blame Alt-J for singing that they are their favourite things.

2. At about 0.40 Ellie actually looks a bit like an all pale version of Skrillex.

3. Talking of Skrillex there is no WUB WUB on this record thankfully, although as one You Tube commentator notes in a rather LOLtastic way: “Brace yourself dubstep remixes are coming.”

4. As we said earlier this morning, two of our favourite things (and almost guaranteeing a blog post) are great music and the sea. Ellie’s obviously been reading, because we get the sea in this video. The beach is a bit weird looking but we’ll take it.

5. The cloud that Ellie hangs from (for example at 3.21) is rubbish. It appears to be a reject from the Olympics opening ceremony.

6. We suspect that this video will get a lot of views. It’s that kind of video.

7. The opening few seconds of the song sounds like Grimes.

8. The song plods along a bit until the choir of Ellies come in (around 1.07) and then it starts to make sense. The glorious moment where she sounds like an elfin Bonnie Tyler at 3.22-3.24 is pretty amazing and the way the glossy but cheesy electronic synth sounds kick back in after that moment is also better than 7/10.

9. As far as we’ve been able to ascertain Ellie does not wear a seat belt in the video. The consequences are shown quite clearly. Remember clunk click every trip kids – just because Jessie Ware made it trendy to go seat beltless doesn’t mean you should. OK?

10. Not specifically about this song but Breaking More Waves still gets hits on old Ellie Goulding posts with people searching for Ellie Goulding Naked. It seems people still want to see her Starry Eye.

Ellie Goulding Anything Could Happen (Video)

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