Friday 20 August 2010

Paper Crows - Stand Alight

There's a competitive element amongst some bloggers that makes them want to be 'the first to post about a band.' It's rare that Breaking More Waves achieves this - we're not big, clever or cool enough to do this normally - although we have once or twice. The way that this blog is constructed, with posts often being written days in advance and then scheduled to appear daily doesn't help - we're often in the stalls early before the starter fires the gun but out last. However, we probably could have been one of the first with Paper Crows having written about them in our new waves feature here, a piece which was scribed a week before it went up. We were fairly confident that nobody else had 'discovered' them yet (although of course who is truly 'the first' to discover a band is arguable - there's always someone before you, even if it's their parents). But on the day our blog was scheduled to be posted a whole host of blogs such as Arjan Writes, Battery In Your Leg and Indie Here posted about the groups debut single. Our plans were scuppered, battered and kicked to the ground. However, there are millions of people in the world, and not everyone is as upfront musically speaking - for some Marina and the Diamonds is still a 'new' act, so it's all about perspective - many of our readers will have not heard Paper Crows.

Irrespective of who gets there first, what counts is the quality of the music, and in this case Paper Crows score high.

Their ghostly debut single Stand Alight - which is released on Future Cut Recordings on 11th October - streams below. Stand Alight is a song with haunting vocals, majestic piano and hints of post-dubstep that twitch around the shadows of the listening spectrum. With a manner of Portishead, Esben & TheWitch and Bat For Lashes, Stand Alight menaces with a near gothic heaviness and beauty that will be the perfect soundtrack to autumnal darkness.

Duncan and Emma, the duo that form Paper Crows first met at college in Kilburn eighteen months ago and have been busy creating tracks such as Stand Alight ever since. Fact fans may also like to know that both members of Paper Crows also like cheese and origami, which I am sure you will agree is very important. Here's Stand Alight.

Stand Alight - Paper Crows by Sainted PR

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Spiked Mac said...

Amazing song. Love it.