Monday 23 August 2010

Here Comes The Sun (Again) - Worship - Midnight Sun

By the time you read this we will have journeyed from our base on the south central coast of the UK to Scotland and then after one days pause will have continued on to Spain. It may seem a convoluted journey, but in this case it's necessary.

It will have appeared that we’ve still been busy posting, but the reality is we’ve been laying on a beach catching the sun, sea and sangria for a few days now and have gone nowhere near Breaking More Waves. With the exception of our recent post concerning the new Paper Crows single the last weeks worth of blogs were all pre-written and pre-scheduled 2 weeks ago. You don't honestly believe that we sit at our laptop just waiting for 1 minute past midnight or minute past twelve in the afternoon to hit 'Publish post' do you ? Sorry if we let you down in your expectations, but with a full time non-music related career, a family and a busy and active social life we are highly time restricted. We are embarrassed to admit that the time we put into creating this thing is pretty minute compared to some of our bigger better music blog cousins. If this blog was a school report we would probably only get a C for effort. One day we'll take some time and get an A+. For now we snatch moments and that is all.

And for now we're grabbing lots of moments back. We’re taking a break right through to September, when we’ll return. Our twitter will remain active during our holiday, so if you don’t already do so, why not stalk us there instead ? We might even tweet something of interest.

In the meantime we’ll leave you with another track from a new band we recently posted about - Worship. Enjoy some Midnight Sun

See you in September.


Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday Robin. Hope your dad is pleased to see you and seeing your family cheers him up a bit with his illness. I know its a tough time for you at the moment, what with your dad and Kath's mums death as well - I'm amazed that you've still managed to write anything on this blog given the circumstances. Quite how you do it all continues to make me feel like a waster.


Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Cheers. Thanks for your thoughts.

Assuming no more bad news normal blogging will continue 1st Sept...

Áine said...

Have a wickedo holiday :) Don't think about blogging,just enjoy the holiday like