Thursday 19 August 2010

Dekade - Lies

Stylish eighties looking men in suits? Electronic music? Eighties influences? You’re probably thinking we’re talking about Hurts here, as we’ve talked about them a lot. Maybe too much. But instead today we’re featuring a band we first wrote about back in April, who have the eighties literally running through their blood. This is Dekade. The original article we wrote here explains all.

It’s been damn quiet on the Dekade front, but now things are surfacing. Following their Camden Crawl gig earlier this year and a DJ set at the Great Escape in Brighton, they are readying a remix for something we blogged recently here - The Naked and Famous debut UK single Young Blood. Also a song that the band have been hosting on Myspace entitled Lies has been given the remix treatment by Melechtric, a man who at the time of writing has only had a Myspace page for less than a fortnight and has yet to obtain one single Myspace friend. Melelechtric also runs a night called Drmrllpls in Dalston, London. The remix retains the 80’s flavour of the song but adds a hyperactive mad lab technicians synth jitter to excite things a little. It streams and is available to download below.

DEKADE - Lies (Melechtric remix) by Drum Roll Please...

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