Sunday 8 August 2010

Fight Like Apes - Poached Eggs

When we started this blog some of the first music that we featured prominently was the warped aggression from Irish electro-pop crazy kids Fight Like Apes. We likened them to a pumped up fist f*ck against the wall of a pub, under CCTV cameras with your mum and dad watching from the other side of the street. Now it’s time to bend over and take another pummelling, because Fight Like Apes are back with a second album. “None of that sophomore effort nonsense please,” the band wisely announced via their website. Just say ‘second’ and stop using the thesaurus. It’s entitled The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner and is due for release on August 27th through Model Citizen. With titles such as Pull Off Your Arms And Let’s Play In Your Blood and Kathmandu (Face It, You’re Caviar, I’m Hotdogs) it’s a fairly safe bet that the band haven’t sold out. In fact it wouldn’t surprise us if whilst they’ve been away they sneaked into your house dressed in fishnets, smeared mayo and blood all over the bed and did a little squat-wee on the carpet. They’re that kind of band.

Here’s a track from the album entitled Poached Eggs. “I’m sorry for being so gay today, you spilled your poached eggs all over my duvet,” sings Maykay before the group add a repeated mantra of “When thumbs get split, chicks get lit,” that builds and builds in a barbaric mess of synth splendour. It’s good to have them back. Now bend over and take what’s coming to you....

07 Poached Eggs by rubyworks

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