Friday, 24 July 2009

Casio Kids - Finn Bikkjen!

Our favourite Norwegian group of the year Casio Kids release a new single Finn Bikkjen! On the 3rd August. A warped bouncy plinky plonky groove reminiscent of Hot Chip with dreamy falsetto vocals, the song is so summery in its sound that unless we knew that Casio Kids were actually from Bergen we would have guessed they were from the Caribbean. We have no idea what they are singing about as the band stick to their native tongue, but even if (to use a stereotype) Finn Bikkjen! was about snow and glaciers it toasts us with a delicious rubbery analogue disco warmth. It’s another superlative release from the Moshi Moshi Records crew.

Casio Kids are all over the world this summer and are hitting a number of UK Festivals including Standon Calling, Jersey Live and Bestival. Here’s a video of the band playing the song in an acoustic style in a balloon. It’s pretty different to the crazy danciness of the single, but it has its own cute charm that musically and physically takes off.

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