Monday, 6 July 2009

Chew Lips - Salt Air

Solo by London based Chew Lips was ace. A competent and primitive slice of electro pop with enough melody and strong Liza Minnelli meets Karen O styled vocal to get the head nodding and the hips shaking. The follow up, Salt Air released later this month follows Solo’s lead and casio grooves its way along with a slightly more subtle tune than its predecessor and fists in the air pulsing keyboards. As lead singer Tigs bellows “You’ve been drinking, you’ve been driving, crashed your car, said a prayer,” we can easily find ourselves dizzily spinning on the dance floor, drunk with the rush, but as we dance we wonder if this song is just a little too obvious and derivative of artists such as La Roux and Little Boots that have already hit the mainstream ? The dance floor is crowded with electro dance pop acts right now and we suspect that Chew Lips are going to have to throw their musical arms and legs about a bit more to get some space.

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