Friday, 22 January 2021

NEW #7 - Jessica Luise


With the UK still in what appears will be a relatively lengthy lockdown there’s been plenty of time to listen to music and the last few weeks have found me veering off at tangents from the sorts of things I’d normally listen to. Traditional Chinese, Japanese jazz fusion, Moog exotica and Russian pop have all been on the agenda, but ultimately sometimes you just can’t get away from the fabric of the familiar and new artist Jessica Luise’s music is one such example. 

New song Nice Try chimes and charms with the sort of indie guitar loveliness that always seems to find a place in my heart. Having previously released three songs between 2019 and 2020 with a slightly more organic folksy feel, Nice Try feels like a very real and very certain progression. Comparisons have been drawn with The Sundays and Wolf Alice and this tune definitely drifts over you in the same caressing and wonderful way that The Sundays songs did. 

It seems Jessica herself acknowledges this development as well: “This song is the one that helped me blossom as an artist. The simplicity yet rawness of the lyrics made this song quite cathartic to write and record.” Those words that Jessica mentions deal with the battle between the head and the heart of falling for someone you shouldn’t. However, thankfully there’s nothing wrong with falling for this song. If you like your indie music a little bit poppy, a little bit dreamy and a little bit lovely, keep an eye on Jessica Luise.

Jessica Luise - Nice Try

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