Monday 18 January 2021

NEW #6 - Rooue


Fontaines DC, The Murder Capital, Silverbacks…. If you’re based in Great Britain it’s easy to think that the Irish music scene is just full of serious young men with guitars making intense post-punk influenced records. However, take even the slightest wider look and you’ll discover there’s a whole range of great new artists coming out of the third largest island in Europe that sound nothing like them.

Today’s new band is one of those. It consists of two twins, but don’t worry there’s only one connection to Jedward; the duo’s moniker. For just like John and Edward, Rooue are called as such because of the two sister’s names, Ro and Lou. Oh, and don't confuse them with La Roux.

There’s no silly haircuts (something that Jedward and La Roux managed) or covers of Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) here though. Instead Rooue make highly proficient and dopamine inducing pop music. 

If you follow the Breaking More Waves Weekly New Music playlist (here) you’ll have already heard the second of the two songs they have released so far, the sharp shooting future nostalgic funky disco-pop of Flavour. Fans of Dua Lipa will no doubt approve. It’s got grooves, it’ll make you move and the vocal delivery is silky smooth. 

Previous song, the debut single What You Want comes from a slightly different place, with an electronic R & B pop sheen to it. It’s a tune about someone having unrealistic expectations of someone and the negative effect that has on them: “You steal the fight from me.” Rooue have explained that the song stems from their experience of studying music in college and the pressures to conform.

So like all the best pop music, there's a bit of depth to the thinking in the song, it's not all just oo-baby do you love me's. However, the music itself is all about getting the body moving. Are you dancing? Because Rooue are asking.

It's time to get your shimmy on without an indie rock lad in sight. This is Rooue.

Rooue - Flavour

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