Monday, 4 January 2021

NEW #3 - Ashwarya

Her Facebook describes her simply as a singer/songwriter from Melbourne. This may well be true, but this description doesn’t do justice to Ashwarya. I’d prefer something along the lines of a fresh and fearless musician who makes multiple sonic-personality pop music. 

With its hushed vocals and minimal beats, debut single Psycho Hole certainly has a whiff of Billie Eilish about it, but if you delve a little deeper there’s a whole host of influences and cultural references to her work. You can hear it on her third and most recent release COMIN@ME. It’s a shape-shifting piece that flits from classy r ‘n’ b pop to bhangra beats like a ball bouncing off walls in a squash court. If you suffer from short attention spans this is for you. 

She’s the first signing to new label NOiZE, which is headed up by Australian producer Jarrad Rogers (he’s worked with Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey and Foxes to name just a few) with both artist and label stating that they wish to challenge the modern pop landscape. She certainly does this on Biryani, which is her other tune out there at the moment; it not only switches tempos but languages as well.

Ashwarya is making commercial pop that sits at the more interesting end of the spectrum. All she needs now is that big crossover track or that blow up moment (Tik Tok are you listening?) and then she could be everywhere.

Ashwarya - Psycho Hole 


 Ashwarya - COMIN@ME

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