Thursday 26 March 2020

Natalie McCool - Closure

“I put flowers on your grave, I wear a rainbow every day, all that I want is closure,” sings Liverpool’s Natalie McCool on her new song Closure. It’s a bona fide alt-pop banger with a big old sing-a-long chorus.

Goodbye songs can sometimes be the saddest ones but Closure sounds more like confetti, glitter and champagne exploding into the sky. Endings can be happy for sure. This works best really loud with you dancing with your hands above your head. (Fun fact: If you're a crap dancer, putting your hands in the air will always make you look better - it gives the air of confidence and that you are having a good time. This song will assist in that good time.)

Natalie’s been making some badges recently for those who have pre-saved this song. They read “I Buried My Ex”. Let’s hope that she only means in her head. They were due to be sent out recently but that may now have to wait due to the lockdown.

That’s not the only way Natalie has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic though. She was also due to play SXSW prior to its cancellation. Sadly the way things are going it looks like every festival this summer is going to be cancelled or postponed. I’m keeping everything crossed for our own Dials festival in Portsmouth in October (tickets are available here). Expect to see a number of Breaking More Waves approved artists there.

Natalie McCool - Closure

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