Friday 20 March 2020

Introducing: Spoort

Nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors, but I’d like to think that during these getting bleaker self-isolated times there are plenty of people dancing around in their bedrooms in just their underwear, safe in the knowledge that no one is watching. A bit like the debut video and song from brand new Midlands four-piece Spoort

According to the blurb I’ve been sent on them Spoort's primary influences are You Tube algorithms, US astronomer Carl Sagan and cult jazz man Bill Evans. If you want to hear how that odd collection of reference points actually sounds, it’s time to click play below. The answer is 'pretty damn good actually’. It’s got grit but it’s groovy. It’s laid back and lithe. It shows that white indie boys can still from time to time make music you can dance to.

Say hello to Spoort. This is Self.

Spoort - Self

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