Monday, 30 March 2020

Introducing: Home Counties

If this bunch of indie rock fellers look a little familiar to you it’s because they are formed, with a few tweaks, from the band formerly known as Haze. Not that Haze lasted very long or were particularly well known, but they did play the likes of Truck, Great Escape and Dials and released a handful of ramshackle tracks that turned a few heads.

But now they’re Home Counties and their debut single will have planning officers across the land getting all hot under the collar and getting out their policy guidance documents. For it’s called Redevelopment and it’s a jerky, quirky take on British indie rock and post-punk occupying a similar space to other new British bands such as Squid, Feet and Sports Team. Squid in Particular.

Redevelopment is the sort of track that could have been equally produced by a bunch of awkward socially inept middle-class art school students or a gang of grubby working-class lads with nothing better to do that let off some steam by forming a band. Either way it’s very of the moment (and therefore also of the moments such as the late 70’s / early 80’s when there was also a hell of a lot of music like this around) with it’s angular guitars and frenetic energy. Here the band present the debate around ‘concrete anonymity’ and the gentrification of our urban built environment and ‘unaffordable luxury apartments.’ (Note: Call a flat an apartment in the UK and it suddenly becomes posh and you can charge £50,000 more for it). 

It’s a good er....redevelopment under this new moniker and more accessible than the Haze output. 

Home Counties - Redevelopment 

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