Friday 9 November 2018

New Music: Salt Ashes - Go All Out (Video)

Long term Breaking More Waves favourite Salt Ashes has been ‘bubbling under’ for what seems like an eternity now – so long in fact that the bubble is now so gigantic that it must surely reach the surface soon. That expansion is helped even further by the fact that her latest two songs, the infectious club banger Girls and new pop anthem Go All Out are her best two songs yet.

Salt Ashes may be the queen in waiting of dark electronic pop but with Go All Out there’s a lot more colour in the sound. However, don’t expect the new video to find her leaping round on a rainbow in a technicolour jumpsuit waving glo-sticks – this is Salt Ashes we’re talking about – so there’s still plenty of black and an abundance of style, as we watch her dinner guests get taken over with her spells of dancing magic. The video appears to be a representation of the lyrics of the song with Salt Ashes exploring the idea of letting go, losing your insecurities and just being free with who you are.

Salt Ashes demonstrated just that philosophy recently when she played at Dials Festival, Portsmouth. With her band taken ill at the last minute Salt Ashes had too options – to pull out last minute or to bravely soldier on. Despite being out of her comfort zone she chose the latter, working out a solo set that despite the ‘difficult’ tea time slot got people moving on the balloon filled dance floor for the first time that day, showing that not holding back is a winning strategy. 

Fingers crossed for some more live shows from Salt Ashes soon, but in the meantime lets go all out and dance like nobody is watching.

Salt Ashes - Go All Out (Video)

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