Saturday 24 November 2018

Ones to Watch 2019 #5 - G Flip

“Australia’s way cooler answer to Phil Collins.” That’s how I described Melbourne’s Georgia Flipo, who goes under the name of G Flip, back in an introducing post in April 2018. 

OK, maybe that’s a disservice to the ex-Genesis man, who after all was responsible for In The Air Tonight, a song that if nothing else features one of the greatest air drumming opportunities in pop. But as far as singer / producer / drummers go Georgia is certainly ready to grab Phil’s crown off his baldy head.

Having originally whacked the skins in a band called Empra, Georgia spent most of 2017 writing and creating music for her own solo project. She uploaded her debut About You to Triple J Unearthed and was caught almost off guard in a whirlwind of musical excitement when the track went viral. Before G Flip knew it she was playing SXSW, 2 shows at Brighton’s Great Escape and a gig in London supporting Pale Waves where she won the crowd over, with some people declaring on Twitter afterwards that she was the best support band they’d ever seen.

About You (one of my favourite songs of 2018) was followed up with another pop gold earworm called Killing My Time and the future looked very bright for G Flip. However, since Killing My Time Georgia hasn’t rushed to push lots of tracks on line, playing a bit of a waiting game, hopefully getting the recordings and promotion of the next songs just right.

From what I saw at the 2 Great Escape Shows and the Pale Waves support I’m very confident that Georgia does have the songs under her belt to deliver in 2019 – and that’s why she’s on this list of Ones to Watch. In the UK she has a show at the Garage in London lined up for next May and has also been confirmed for Reading and Leeds festivals. 

G Flip - About You

G Flip - Killing My Time (Video)

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