Monday 5 November 2018

New Music: Poppy - X (Video)

Free of the shackles of commercial concerns pop music can do some pretty surprising, sometimes exciting, often downright silly things. And silly things in pop music can occasionally work out to be the best. A prime example? Take a look at Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights, inspired by the Bronte novel of the same name. It was her debut single and was ridiculed by much of the hip 'serious music' press at the time. Yet it was a worldwide hit and remains as universally popular today as it did in the past. Many of the revered critics of the time got it wrong and had to rethink their views – yes it’s silly, but silly doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Sometimes there can be a lot of well thought out art behind silliness.

Which brings me to Poppy. If you don’t know about Poppy, it’s time to catch up. Maybe read about her on a previous post by clicking here. It's important to get a bit of context so you understand her world - a world that couldn't exist without the world wide web.

Yet despite her sometimes creepy, sometimes odd, sometimes funny, sometimes silly viral videos, when it comes to her recorded music it’s all generally been a little too synthetic, cheesy and bubblegum for me to really appreciate (even although her live show and the build up to it was certainly entertaining – again read about it on the previous post). 

But now things are changing. Poppy’s new album features a collaboration with Grimes and this new song X. It is the most batshit mental thing you are going to see or hear all week. 

Prepare yourself. I’m giving you no clues, except there's a very obvious reference to the film Carrie in it. Do not adjust your viewing or listening device. If we are living in a divided world then Poppy gives us both sides in a song of light and dark.

Silly? Maybe. But silly things are sometimes the best.

Poppy - X (Video)

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