Friday 28 September 2018

New Music: Easy Life - Nightmares

Leicester (a town that apparently many Americans struggle to pronounce - it's just Less-Ter OK?) has a rather limited musical heritage. Kasabian. Showaddywaddy. Er…. that's about it.

But that could all change soon; we could be adding a third name to the list. On Twitter they describe themselves as 'your favourite Westlife covers band', but don’t let that put you off. Their name is Easy Life.

You might remember Easy Life from November 2017 when the casual downbeat swell of their debut single Pockets found a place on Breaking More Waves in an introducing piece. Since that time they’ve been bubbling along quite nicely with a number of releases and shows. I finally caught them live at this year’s Great Escape Festival where they managed, in my head at least, to take me on a road trip down the west coast of the USA with the roof down. 

Now the bubbles aren’t just floating along nicely - they’re rising to the surface – with a new tune for insomniacs everywhere. It’s called Nightmares. “Forty winks would be priceless,” croons lead vocalist Murray and despite the odd bit of swearing in the song you’ll be charmed. There's a lazy-limbed lolloping beat, some warped grooves and some jazzy sax toots. Nightmares stands out as being that little bit different from any other pop music around at the moment. It’s super hooky as well. All being well it will give them a moment in the sun and maybe some more after that. Pockets was very good but this is even better.

Listen to Easy Life often and they will improve your life. Leicester for the win. Easy Life are out on tour in November in the UK. Go and see them.

Easy Life - Nightmares

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