Wednesday 3 January 2018

New Music: Superorganism - Everybody Wants To Be Famous (Video)

On the same day that You Tube star Poppy (who has become  a cult semi-famous You Tube personna herself partly through posting satirical videos on the nature of celebrity) released a video called Fame Is Funny (which you can watch by clicking here) and a new series of Celebrity Big Brother started in the UK, odd-pop band Superorganism return with a most appropriately in-time song; Everybody Wants To Be Famous. It is undoubtedly the first earworm of 2018, but I suspect will be one that continues to infiltrate brains for many months to come.

Over weird squelchy bass sounds, cash machine register bells, bird song and twangy guitar licks lead vocalist Orono drawls: “Feeling like a boss, and staring at the stars, it doesn’t matter the cost, ‘cos everybody wants to be famous,” and a suddenly pop music sounds like its discovered what it’s like to be a little bit distinct again. From David Bowie to Irene Cara to er....Bros, there have always been pop songs about fame through the ages. Now here's another one and it's rather great.

Superorganism featured on a lot of end of year tip lists for 2018 (including mine). This song justifies those choices.

Everybody Wants To Be Famous is released through Domino.

Edit / Update: 20:50 The band have now confirmed their album will be released on the 2nd March and have also uploaded the accompanying video to the song, the visuals of which are suitably trippy.

Everybody Wants To Be Famous

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