Wednesday, 24 January 2018

New Music: Introducing - Motherhood

Liverpool’s Motherhood is a four-piece indie-pop band with the emphasis very much on the pop. 

Having emerged last year on a number of blogs (although it seems they've been around the Liverpool scene since 2016) with the playfully upbeat Save Me they attracted some inevitable likenings; one publication suggested that ‘lazy comparisons would include The 1975’, but then didn’t offer any non-lazy comparisons of their own, which seems even lazier does it not? 

To my ears The 1975 wasn’t a lazy comparison at all, Save Me had some similar sounds to Mr Healy and co and it was the reason why I didn’t feature the band when other blogs with similar tastes to mine were getting excited about them. I was worried they were too similar to The 1975. There were other resemblances as well - there were some suggestions that Two Door Cinema Club fans would enjoy Motherhood as well. You can get a feel for the musical ball park we’re in here.

Now Motherhood return with a new track Hey You but this one is less likely to draw those comparisons. Hurrah! It seems they are more than just a one-trick pony, albeit a pony that seems to be comfortable in the indie-pop stable. Sadly, this Hey You isn’t a cover of The Cure’s brassy saxy sassy song of the same title, one of fat Bob and the goths finest pop moments that was never released as a single, a song that really only has a chorus and no verse, or a verse and no chorus depending on your perspective. 

But I digress, this isn’t about The Cure but Motherhood. Their tune Hey You is musically pretty perky even if the lyrics are a bit more introspective with lead singer Evan Torrente contemplating a drunken late night phone call to an ex, before examining his own shortcomings that got him into the situation in the first place. “Not as mature as I think, I can’t handle my drink,” he sings. 

Let’s do some more comparisons. This one reminds me of Fickle Friends. Not so much in its overall sound but the way the song is a bit self-analytical and deep but you almost don’t notice because of the catchy riffs and colourful pop sensibility. To add weight to this comparison the track was produced by Sam Winfield who has also worked with Fickle Friends.

Two songs in and Motherhood are showing lots of promise. Indie pop's latest worthwhile listen. So ready your ears and press play below.

Motherhood - Hey You

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