Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Music: Isabelle Brown - Hey Romeo

The second song by Isabelle Brown (who I first featured back in October here) is fearless. Hey Romeo was written and recorded when Isabelle was just twelve – yes you read that right – twelve, and bootlegs Eric B and Rakim. It’s street sharp, cool as f*ck and shows off her influences of hip-hop, soul and jazz. The blurb I received with the track tells me that the song was conceived as a fantasy about singing to someone in a crowd who has no idea that you even exist or that the song is about them.

As I said in my previous post on Isabelle, it’s very early days for her, (she's fourteen now) but on the strength of the two songs she’s put out there’s some serious talent here. Impressive stuff.

A debut project, taking in Isabelle’s early recordings, is due early next year.

Isabelle Brown - Hey Romeo

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