Sunday 31 December 2017

Favourite Albums of 2017 #12 Alice Jemima - Alice Jemima

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Alice Jemima’s debut long-player finds itself on the Breaking More Waves’ albums of 2017 list. After all this blog has undoubtedly featured more posts about Alice’s music than any other since I first wrote about her way back in 2011 and featured the songs Won’t take You For Granted and Ain’t It Funny.

The eponymous debut brings together eleven originals and her Soundcloud conquering cover of No Diggity (thankfully unaltered from the original bedroom studio version) with a chilled blend of post-XX singer songwriter guitar pop painted with flourishes of electronics. Working predominately with producer Roy Kerr, Alice has created a record that works best at each end of the day. The lusty So and the smooth When You Dance Like That can ease you out of bed gradually in the morning but also can coax you back much later with their intimate night time glow. Songs about falling in, being and falling out of love are the order of the day although the deviations into murder mysteries (Cocoa Liquor) and money and trying to please other people (Liquorice) not only provide lyrical diversions, but musical ones as well – Jemima even breaking out into spoken word / rap for the latter. 

If you like your pop subtle, feminine and always with one eye on keeping things simple, then Alice Jemima deserves your time. A lovely debut.

Alice Jemima - Dodged A Bullet

Alice Jemima - Electric

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