Sunday, 31 December 2017

Favourite Albums of 2017 #7 The Big Moon - Love In The 4th Dimension

I didn’t think anyone was making records like Love in the 4th Dimension anymore. But The Big Moon have and I’m glad they did.

A trashy, scrappy, rollicking indie guitar pop miscellany of catchy tunes and mosh-pit fun this is a record that sounds like Sleeper, Kenickie or Elastica embracing sixties gang harmonies with a slight sprinkling of grunge and The Pixies. Sure, it’s hardly progressive (I’ve banged on enough in the past how I believe rock music has now reached middle age and hence there’s very little room for true innovation) but I dare you to put songs like Silent Move Susie and Cupid on the stereo loud and not throw your head back with a big old grin and find yourself hollering along. 

The Big Moon - Cupid

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