Wednesday 10 February 2016

New Music: Grace Sarah - Underwater

Dance music doesn't always lend itself to being described as pretty, often concerning itself with banging basslines and going for the drop in quite vulgar ways, but this new song from Grace Sarah is far removed from that. It's a dreamboat of a track that manages to convey much of the singer's first name in its delivery and then some. In fact it's probably wrong to describe Underwater as dance music at all, for although there are beats, it owes as much to pop and ambient music as it does the rave or club. It's light, airy and floats with a sunset beauty that will probably make you want to tell everyone you know that you love them.

Without doubt Grace's finest song to date, and if she continues at this rate it wouldn't surprise me at all if record labels start paying some attention.

Grace Sarah - Underwater

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