Tuesday 9 February 2016

New Music: Let's Eat Grandma - Deep Six Textbook

As a father of two teenage girls I can fully appreciate the term ‘wasted youth’. What worries me is that my own wasted youth (listening to far too much pop music, gorging on movies and sampling the delights of alcohol with friends) seems to have drifted into adulthood without much change. If my daughters follow suit then expect conversations with their future partners to mainly revolve around cute cats and dogs they’ve seen on Instagram and The Hunger Games.

Thankfully it seems that not every teenage girl spends her life clicking ‘favourite’ on Jifpom videos. For example take Rosa and Jenny from Norwich, aged 16 and 17 respectively. They’ve spent the last few years occupying a very different world that they call Let’s Eat Grandma. You might remember that I introduced the duo back in August last year, describing their music as ‘idiosyncratic, scrappy, kooky, eerie yet charming out there multi-instrumental pop music with a sense of its own identity and originality.’

Let's Eat Grandma have until today seemed like a special left of centre secret that just music obsessives like me have known about. Now that’s all changed, with news that the band signed to Transgressive Records and have released their debut video proper for the song Deep Six Textbook (streaming below). It’s available on iTunes and will be released on limited edition coloured 7” vinyl on March 18th (pre-order it here). Also, quite bizarrely and brilliantly, the band’s name started trending on Twitter this afternoon, albeit half the tweets seemed to be simply asking ‘why are the words Let’s Eat Grandma trending?’

Hopefully, some of those asking the question went on to find out why and discovered the band for the first time. What they will have heard is a heavily downbeat pop song, cast from the shadows of both the schoolyard playground and the haunt filled spaces between this world and the next. For those who want their pop music instant and throwaway, this won’t be your thing. However, for those who are prepared to let things sink in a little, prepared to get addicted.

Let’s Eat Grandma’s debut album will be released this summer.

Let's Eat Grandma - Deep Six Textbook (Video)

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Anders said...

Not bad, but ... I just can't get my head round that moniker. Should it be read as a call to tables: "Let's eat, grandma!" or as an incestuous zombie's drawl: "Moarrrgh, let's eat GRANDMA!"?