Sunday 17 January 2016

New Music: Robyn Sherwell - My Hand

“Just put your hand in mine,” sings Robyn Sherwell – words of comfort at any time of life, be it for a lover, a friend or a small child - and comforting is exactly the tone of this song, Robyn’s voice providing a warm sanctuary that you can lose yourself in.

Back in April 2014 when I first wrote about Robyn I described her music as being blissed out, seductively ear-catching and with all the characteristics of a classic singer songwriter. That description remains highly apt, even now, as the restrained tender melodies of this song demonstrate.

My Hand has been kicking around for some time now, first making an appearance in a slightly more acoustic form back in 2012 before emerging again this week as a new fuller version. It heralds the arrival of her debut album on the 18th March which coincides with a tour that takes in Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton and London. I’m checking my diary right now….

Robyn Sherwell - My Hand

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