Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Music: Dancing Years - Learn To Kiss

Regular readers will know how much I love a musician in the bath. Not in any sort of perverted way - it's just the concept I find fascinating. So many of them are at it. I’ve posted about it a lot of times, and I’m still no closer to getting to the bottom of why they feel the need to do it.

Maybe I should start a ‘bloggers in the bath’ series and invite various music bloggers I know to be filmed sitting in the tub whilst giving their various musical tips for the months ahead. The options of fully clothed, semi clothed or stark naked would be left to them, as will the choice of water, bubbles or empty. Maybe then I could ask them how it feels and drill into their expertise of why musicians feel the need to do it.

So here’s another one. I say just another one, it’s way more than that. After listening to a deluge of new music last night and finding myself quite disappointed with the averageness of so much of it, I was saved by Learn To Kiss. It’s been floating around for a couple of months now, and has taken a while to sail onto my radar, but it's really worth pressing play on. It’s from Dancing Years, and it’s just sublime. And of course, there’s a man singing in what we can only assume is the bath. 

Pretty much perfect in every way.

Dancing Years - Learn To Kiss (Video)

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