Monday 18 January 2016

New Music: Odesza - It's Only (Featuring Zyra)

Oh gosh. There are 3 major reasons why this new Odesza track has got me wanting to spew out loads of fire and love heart emojis on Twitter (in fact after I’ve posted this I might just do that).

They are:

1. The very obvious and simple reason that this is a wonderful piece of electronic music – it’s the sort of tune that any point you expect is going to explode with some clich├ęd EDM drop and do the whole 'arms-in-the-air-banger' thing, but it never does. It’s far more subtle and graceful than that, once again showing that electronic production can create things of utter radiant joy and beauty.

2. The vocals are by Zyra. Remember her? In all the hundreds of ones to watch / end of year tips lists I'm pretty sure I was one of the only people to tip her as one to watch for 2016 (yes I'm writing this with a smug face) see here and I see absolutely no reason to change my mind. The sweet clarity and melodic pop sensibility of her voice fits perfectly with this song, in a similar manner to the way that Megan from Purity Ring’s vocal enhances Purity Ring's music. Watch out for Zyra’s own debut EP coming soon - I'm very excited about that.

3.The video has everything you could ever want from a pop music video. Well almost. There isn't a giraffe. But it certainly has elephants, war scenes, trees being set on fire by lightning, modern day riots and lots of dry ice. 

January is meant to be a pretty quiet time for new music, but it really has got 2016 off to an incredible start. Roll on the rest of it.

Odesza - It's Only (Featuring Zyra)

ODESZA - It's Only (feat. Zyra) - Official Music Video from ODESZA on Vimeo.

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