Monday, 13 July 2015

NYTCLUB - New Waves

If you like day-glo slabs of synths, then the chances are you’ll like NYTCLUB. Yes, you’ll have to go beyond the slightly meh name of this new four piece, but trust us it’s worth it. Think of Prides, but from Liverpool rather than Scotland, with all the dials on the keyboards turned to the position HUGE and then some.

They’ve got the sort of sound we can imagine quite a few UK blogs going for (and quite a few people who don't write blogs as well), and yet at the time of writing, their debut song, Dressed Up has only 280 plays. 280? That’s criminal. Come on the internet. You can do better than this. Press play, feel that electricity surge through your body and get ready to travel to planet euphoria with NYTCLUB. Neon pop thrills a plenty.

NYTCLUB - Dressed Up

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