Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Frances - When It Comes To Us (Featuring Ritual)

In June Breaking More Waves was lucky enough to witness relative newcomer Frances play an incredibly assured set under the stained glass windows of St Stephen’s church at London’s Bushstock Festival. Her music and singing was full of emotion, talent and power but was never swollen to a point of being over dramatic.

Whilst that show featured just Frances at a keyboard, this new tune, When It Comes To Us (featuring the electronic influence and vocal of Ritual) is a bit of a diversion from that piano balladry, with some distinct R n B flavours weaving their way into the production.

It’s a tune about a rare opposites attract relationship (we state rare because decades of scientific research will tell you that the vast majority of us seek out people who feel similar to ourselves) “It really shouldn’t work but it does,” Frances sings and you might find, like we did, a little shiver running down the spine.  If you want some reference points we’d say it sounds a bit like Rae Morris doing Pure Shores (what a tune!) by All Saints produced by recent blog favourites Oh Wonder. No surprises to find that it gets the full approval of this blog then.

When It Comes To Us features  on the Grow EP by Frances which is released on the all new global release day of 10th July.

Frances - When It Comes To Us (Featuring Ritual)

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jen said...

Gorgeous song!!!