Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hana - Avalanche

Do professional music websites bother investigating / doing their own research before publishing an article these days? It seems not. Recently a new artist named Hana got a lot of attention on line, partly because of her associations with other acts (Grimes, Lana Del Rey, Blood Diamonds and Lorde all got mentions here and there) but mainly because her debut song Clay was a bit of a beauty. Yet the vast majority of pieces we saw written her Hana claimed that she was an artist shrouded in mystery or that nothing was known about her. Yet even an amateur blog like this was able to unearth some information about this ‘new’ artist. No longer such a mystery huh? 

Now of course you could argue that Hana’s identity and history aren’t important. But if that’s the case, why do websites, when they do start to learn facts about the artist, start to publish them? Why even bother with a picture of an artist if who they are isn’t important? In our view, these things are important – people become fans of artists for their perceived identity as much as the music. Don’t believe us? Ok here's a case for our argument - we wonder how many people would admit to being a huge fan of Gary Glitter these days? 

Minor rant over. The good news is that Hana has just released a second song. It’s called Avalanche and is a slightly downbeat, forward-thinking, minimalistic pop song, with a gentle nursery rhyme like melody. It’s all about control and not always saying yes to things and just like Clay worms its way inside the head on first listen. 

Hana - Avalanche

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