Monday 2 June 2014

Lovestarrs - Bullet

Here is a picture of the UK pop trio Lovestarrs to accompany their new song Bullet, streaming below, which is taken from forthcoming EP Supernova due on the 5th August. As you can see the band look pretty glum. However, in the world of pop and rock n roll, looking glum is a near prerequisite. It implies that you're serious about your art. Take for example electronic rock / pop types Depeche Mode, masters of looking serious...


Serious again 

Still serious

Serious despite the comical jumpers

Keeping it serious forever


What the f*ck?

And so we offer a word of caution to Lovestarrs; if you ever become a foursome, it will be a road downhill to smiles (and quite possibly terrible mullets as well).

Here's the song - a real rush of a tune about leaving the past behind you. It'll give you a smile faster than a bullet. We're serious.

Lovestarrs - Bullet

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