Friday 6 June 2014

Bry - New Waves

We’re not sure if Bry (‘as in why’ she informs us on her Soundcloud) is a shortening of her first name or her last, just something she’s made up or her whole full name, but to be honest we couldn’t really care, because what’s important is her midnight menacing electronic pop music. On the basis of the two tunes we’ve heard so far, we’re engrossed. Her songs are pop, but it’s pop noir. It’s a formula that we never seem to tire of; brooding electronics that drip with ghostly atmospherics, a coolly detached but sensual vocal and sparse beats. 

Originally from Australia but now based in London this 19 year old is keeping things reasonably under wraps at the moment, with just a twitter account (113 tweets so far, the second of which she revealed that she’s going to call her first son Basil) a Tumblr (a few nipples both male and female and burning buildings) and an Instagram (with hardly any selfies) to give us a hint of what she’s about. Debut song Night Flights drips with witching hour escapism, all streetlights, stars and suggestions of being taken away, whereas Boy (steaming below) finds Bry sounding like Banks’ freshest challenger as she sings “do you know what you’re in for?” Take a listen and you’ll probably find Bry coaxing you into her world.

Bry - Boy

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